Be Alert: Tips on what to do before a possible flood

Flood Safety Tips: Things to Remember

Some parts of the country are currently experiencing torrential rains that possibly can result in flooding. Flood is something that the event could not prevent, but to avoid injuries and casualties, these are the things that you need to remember that could help you be safe.

Emergency Kit – This must always be on hand, it must include a flashlight, medicines, power bank, water, radio and some food that are ready to eat. It may take a while for a flood to subside and being ready is the best way to survive.

Evacuation Plan – Make an evacuation plan and precisely plot the possible entry and exit points in your house. If possible, practice a “drill” to have a better picture of the possible emergency situations that might occur.

Emergency numbers – Store emergency numbers on all mobile phones and include a laminated hard copy with your emergency kit. These emergency numbers are useful especially in situations where you are stranded, and no one could hear you.

Life Vest – In places where flood waters may rise high, a life jacket may be handy especially for the elderly. Remember that even if you know how to swim, it could not assure your safety due to possible strong currents and foreign objects.

Switch off the main switch – Flood water combined with electricity is deadly, make sure to switch it off as soon as possible. If you have ample time and if possible, move your appliances to higher ground to avoid damage.

Be updated – Always be up to date on the happenings around you. Tune into your local news to know the latest and for any announcements that possibly may affect you. Listen very well and follow instructions given by your local government. If you are asked to evacuate the place, do so immediately.

Flash flood might occur at any possible moment and to survive, make sure to have the presence of mind. As much as you can, avoid panicking since it will not allow you to think clearly. Always prioritize the elderly, children, those with handicap and the women.

Most of you might think about your possessions but in this kind of cases, always remember that gadgets, appliances and all can be replaced but never human life.

Share these tips to help your friends and families be always ready and prepared.

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