Davao City Police files charges against 9 suspects over Davao blast


The Davao City Police filed charges of multiple murders and multiple frustrated murder complaints against nine suspects of which six of them are men, and three are women linking them to the September 2 bombing in Roxas Night Market which killed fifteen people and injured sixty-nine.

PNP have identified the primary suspect but have not yet disclosed his identity, the said suspect described by witnesses wearing a mask and a bonnet which availed a massage and left a bag containing the bomb in the area.

Senior Supt. Valeriano de Leon, Special Investigation Task Group Night Market Commander, says that the identity of the suspect will be revealed in the proper time and will need to wait for the complaint to be evaluated by the prosecutor.

“May ipinakitang sets of picture, file ng criminal elements, we are so lucky our witnesses without a doubt identified him, meron pang karagdagang witnesses in the proper time it will be revealed,” de Leon said.

Senior Supt. de Leon also disclosed that there was a taxi driver who identified the man on the cartographic sketch released who boarded his cab together with the other suspects, De Leon added that the statement of the driver regarding the features of the suspect matched the other statements by other witnesses.

A cartographic sketch of the primary suspect was released by Davao City Police and described the suspect to be around 20 to 30 years old, 5’7” to 5’8” in height, Fair to dark skin and with a slim body built.

Davao City government offered a P3 million bounty for any information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects involved in the said bombing incident.

The Davao City Police are still verifying the possible connection of the main suspect to any terrorist group or any other personalities who masterminded the bombing.


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