Cases of Death Related to Illegal Drugs Rises

Cases of Death Related to Illegal Drugs Rises

After the 2016 national elections, cases of death related to illegal drugs has increased. On June 30, 2016, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte will take his oath as the new President of the Republic but has started to penetrate drug users and pushers in some cities. Several police reports attest that the incoming president is dead serious about his campaign against illegal drugs.

Duterte asserted to suppressed illegal drugs on his campaign which according to him it causes numerous crimes related to it and he is willing to take down those who are involved in such activities.

For the past weeks, drug raid operations have been executed which resulted in killing the suspects who tried to escape or those who sought to resist arrest.

Due to Duterte’s serious fight against illegal drugs, reports says drug lords already offered a few million pesos to those who could bring down Duterte. The said information came from the intelligence reports of PNP.

Several instances reported that drug users, pushers, and even drug lords has turned their selves in and apologized to Duterte then asking him for another chance for them to change. The said underground business operators were afraid that something might happen to them when they continue pushing or selling illegal drugs.

During the victory celebration of Duterte at Davao Crocodile Park, he mentioned: “Ang bayad ko ngayon, ‘pag drug lord, mag-announce na ‘ko, P5 million ‘pag patay. Kung buhay, P4 million 999 thousand lang.”

To help him in his campaign against drugs, Duterte appointed Chief Superintendent Ronald Marapon de la Rosa aka “bato” as the new chief of PNP. He is also known to be tough with criminals and despite having a bounty for them, his fight against illegal drugs will be pursued.

Due to the increasing number of drug-related deaths, the commission on human rights will conduct the investigation and stated that if a suspect were killed because they fought back and the authorities have followed protocol, there would be no issue but if once it is becoming like a summary execution, the investigation must be pursued.


  1. Bakit kaya wala pang nababalitang chinese na drug lord na nahuli o napatay puro small time lang !?anon nyari!!

  2. w8 wag madaliin…remember 3 to 6 month ang sinabi ni President DUTERTE at ni Sir BATO

  3. Alam nyo mga frends, mga drug lords nagpapatay dyan kc kumakanta na iba dyan kya inuunahan na sila. Dapat mga roots unahin bago sanga at bunga!

  4. Papano mapapatay yung mga druglord nakakubli sa bilibid meron pa guardya. Kaya d mahulihuli kahit meron ng laboratory sa loob ng bilibid d pa rin alam ng namamahala dun. Ano kayang ginagawa ng mga namamahala dun .

  5. At alam nila na sila ang target ng mga ito kaya nagsisisuko na sila. Sana nga, sa susunod yun.mga chinese drug lord na ang.mapatay, hindi itong mga small time lang

  6. Takot silang maituro…kaya tinitigok na nila.

  7. ngayon na sa araw na to ang tunay na umpisa ng pagbabago…

  8. ngppatayan na cla,, kc takot malantad ang nasa likod ng mga illegal na yan,,

  9. Many die because of drugs because they get killed..

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