Former NBI Deputy Director Released CCTV Linking De Lima to Napoles

Former NBI Deputy Director Released CCTV Linking De Lima to Napoles
PHOTO: Screengrab from TV5 Facebook video

Days after the publication of Duterte’s drug matrix, Senator Leila De Lima is again under new controversy after a CCTV footage revealed by former NBI Deputy Director Reynaldo Esmeralda showing the Pork Barrel Queen Janet Napoles visiting De Lima’s Office.

De Lima removed Esmeralda together with another NBI Deputy Director due to allegations connecting them to Janet Napoles to which were later denied.

Esmeralda then added that before De Lima removed them, they already had gathered evidence against her, but unfortunately, they were not able to present them.

The said evidence according to the former NBI Deputy Directory could prove that the lady Senator and the pork barrel queen are connected, Esmeralda also stated that their removal from office did not follow “due process.”

Esmeralda also says that De Lima and her former driver Ronnie Dayan were very close to each other.

“Kung ahente ka, kung prosecutor ka basta any agency for that matter, na under the Department of Justice, kung gusto mo ng magandang assignment lapitan mo yan. Siya ang tamang daan. Ganun, ganun kalakas yun.” Esmeralda said referring to De Lima’s alleged driver lover, Ronnie Dayan.

The CCTV footage released dated May 13, 2013, shows De Lima and Napoles sitting on a couch inside a waiting room inside her office. The said footage was then before the issue on pork barrel which allegedly masterminded by Janet Napoles.

The said scam which linked big names like Jinggoy Estrada, Juan Ponce Enrile, and Bong Revilla and other congressmen believed to be involved in “ghost projects,” fake foundations and non-government organizations (NGO) to garner money from PDAF.

De Lima, current Philippine Senator, is now being linked not just to Drugs inside Bilibid but also with the PDAF scam due to the connection of her and Napoles.

Esmeralda disclosed that they are willing to present the evidence that they have if needed.

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