Facts Behind Philippines Extrajudicial Killings Issue

Facts Behind Philippines Extrajudicial Killings Issue

President Rodrigo Duterte won the 2016 elections by more than 6 million votes against LP (Liberal Party) standard bearer Mar Roxas has proved that the Filipinos are for ‘change’, The Filipinos chose to elect the President who could make a difference.

Duterte during the campaign period has been very transparent regarding his plans once elected as President and has reiterated several times that if he wins, he will eliminate corruption and crime. He also warned drug users and pushers in the country “to better surrender or it will be bloody.”

Duterte mentioned that the main problem of the country is drugs, and that is why launching a campaign against it was on the top of his priorities.

Sugarcoating is not Duterte’s way to make people feel safe, but instead, he allowed the country to be aware regarding the real status of drugs in the country.

In his very first few months, the President’s effort in battling drugs led to at least over half a million drug users surrendered during the nationwide drug campaign led by General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa.

Besides the number of those surrendered, around over 1,500 of alleged drug users, pushers, and drug lords were taken down during entrapment and buy-bust operations.

“Do your duty and I will die for you,” the statement of the PNP’s Commander-in-chief Rodrigo Duterte during the turnover rites at Camp Crame.

“And if there is a resistance that would place your life in jeopardy, then by all means shoot and shoot him dead. That is my order,” he added.

The President being very vocal about his support on the PNP against the war on drugs has reminded the troops not to misuse their authority and added that he would not tolerate any abuses committed by the law enforcers of the country.

Duterte accused as the mastermind of extrajudicial killings but then clarifies that the death of a criminal will only occur once there is a violent resistance that could jeopardize the life of law enforcers.

Besides the administration’s campaign on drugs, several accomplishments reported during the first few months in the office.

One-Stop service center for OFWs
The President has implemented a one-stop-shop which would cater the needs of OFW’s in processing government needed requirements.

The said one-stop service center would not just allow them to save money on travel expenses, but it would also expedite the processing of documents.

911 Emergency hotline, 8888 for complaints
911 serves as the nationwide hotline that would allow faster response for emergencies depending on the situation. The said hotline originally came from the US for the same purpose. Furthermore, the implementation of the national hotlines is the first time in history for the country.

The number 8888 will then allow Filipinos to report and issues concerning government offices, the 8888 hotline would allow citizens to report any irregularities in any government offices instantly. This hotline’s primary goal is to eliminate corruption and to make sure that employees are doing their job well.

Financial Assistance for OFW’s
The government allocated 500 million as Financial aid to OFW’s in Saudi to help them recover. The government also gave free legal advice and promised to shoulder the studies of the children of OFW’s as added benefit.

The current administration is working double time to fix the needs of the country but might take a few years, but the important thing for Filipinos is that they are feeling the change. The leader which the country has now has the heart to lead and could make the Philippines a developing country resulting to a better future.


  1. Wala sila alam kundi extra judicial killing gusto kasi nila mapatalsik ang TATAY dugong naming dapat patayin n kau mga magnnakaw s kaban ng bayan

  2. I will say this, against terrorists, the rules are different because that is war. I agree kill the terrorist like a foriegn invading army. Just be careful not to treat common criminals as terrorists.

  3. Police have every right to use all the force necessary to make a lawful arrest, even lethal force. But a good faith effort must be made to make the arrest peacefully, then if arrested the suspect must get a fair and honest trial. Otherwise the Philippines becomes a dictatorship full of death squads.

  4. Naka 15 strikes na po eto si Mr Edgar Matobato
    – Nograles did not have any bodyguards that got killed due to politics
    – Paolo Duterte studied in Philippine Women’s College (PWC) in Davao and not in Ateneo Davao
    – He was never a bodyguard to Paolo Duterte as confirmed by a schoolmate
    – PAOCTF was abolished in 2001 and not in 2002 thus there was no such meeting.
    – Richard King was killed in Vital C office and not in McDo.
    – There is no man named Matobato in CAFGU list as confirmed by the Philippine Army
    – Imagine 30 bullets riddled to a victim and still alive
    – Paolo Duterte was taking drugs and based his statement on looks and hearsay
    – Initially said he was a ghost employee by Davao City Hall and receives 3K per month but later changed it to 5K, ano ba talaga?
    – Initial questioning he revealed he killed 50 persons but later on he said it could be 1,000 or more, oh really now?
    – Mr Matobato said on 2003 then CHR Delima had a police operation to dig alleged graves and was planned to be ambushed (killed) but the now Senator Delima immediately corrected that it was 2009, sino ba talaga ang witness?
    – He alleged that he was a ghost employee in Davao City Hall but at the same time works at the police arm office of the City Mayor and receives monthly wage but COA and City Hall officials has already said there is no such ghost employee practices in the city, ano ba talaga?
    – His confusing statement on who brought him to the Senate to become witness, kaibigan daw nya pero di nya kilala, kilala daw nya matagal na pero bago lang, si father daw sa simbahan ang hiningan nya ng tulong; ano ba talaga koyah?!
    – He said he does not have any cellphones, access to tv, newspapers, or radio; but… the wife of Richard King called him, but… when he was hiding in Pangasinan his unknown “friend” went to him to get him as witness; ano ba ang totoo?
    – He said he killed a certain terrorist with a name, Sali Makdum. But such name cant even be googled, ano super secret lang cya?

    May ma idadagdag pa ba kayo?

    This is a hilarious day, indeed! (repost)

  5. Kahit pa anong sira ng media hindi na padadala ngaun ang mga pilipino sa limang daan lamg para mag people power wala na mga yellow ribbon di na maloko ang mga pilipino ngaun.. Kaha du30 na para sa tunay na pagbabago..


  7. Utak inyo mga media bulok ano ba gusto nation young mga inosenteng tao ang mapatay o hung masasamang tao mga baliw talaga kyo

  8. ikwento nyo ky panot.
    Dapat kayu mismo ang sasama.
    Tuwing my Operation ang mga pulis pra malaman nyu .
    Hindi yung putak kayu ng putak.

  9. Puro tokhang ang alam pag wlang illegal na armas walang pugante

  10. . . .Extra Judicial Killings. . .pinakadahilan ng mga naghahabol…upang masagip ang kanilang kakampi at maibagsak ang administration ni Pres…Duterte. . .yun lang. . …

  11. Dapat yan bias na mga media …suspension 4ever

  12. Do the Filipinos condone police kill people without a fair trial?

    • no we Filipinos doesn’t condone police or anybody for that matter to kill people without fair trial…but we understand police who protect themselves from being killed by these “zombies” who were a great menace to the Filipino people…

  13. First they murder the drug dealers with no trial. No one speaks up. Then they murder the Muslims with no trial. No one speaks up. Then they murder their political opponents, no one speaks up. Then they come to murder you for a petty reason, no one is left to speak up for you. How can the great Philippines democracy stand silent to extrajudicial murders?

    • Mr. Jhon correct me if i’m wrong. First drug dealer killing each other that’s why no one speak up. Then it’s not true that there is a killing of muslim. That’s why no one speak out. Then old politicians killing each other for power old goverment is just like a disabled person that’s why no one speak up. Now new goverment law is implemented. All criminals are being hunt people are HAPPY and no one is speak up and complain. Those who complain are evil people. Philippines crime rate goes down by 31℅. Can you imagine?

    • You are correct. My only concern is that now there is no trials. Death squads ate not justice. Let the police capture and arrest the suspected criminals. But then make sure there is a fair trial to know if the suspect is really guilty.

    • I only request honest and fair trials for the suspects. Do you agree with that?

    • now mr john Qualls..the criminals in our country respects nothing ..so they don’t need no respect also..for god sake they are killing innocent people already..why do we need trials if they are guilty ..they will not fight against the the police if they are innocent…our police is protecting their self only..

    • If the Philippines turns to death squads and does not give the accused a fair trial, then I hope for your sake you are not accused of anything.

  14. Potang ina talaga.. Tao to..
    Hindi.. pinatay boting Tao.. yong mga animal.. nag pinatay.. hindi Moalam.. nag tanong no bladimipotin.. potang ina mo..

  15. wlang EXTREJUDICIAL KILLINGS SA PILIPINAS…pinassama lng ng mga Anti duterte ang maggandang ginagawa ng Mahal nming pangulong DUTERTE…ung mga nammatay n kriminal..lumalaban un sa mga alagad ng batas….dapat lbg n mmatay cla…kasi sila ang mga banta sa buhay ng mga mamayang pilipino…..inililigtas lng ng mHal nming pangulo ang pilipinas sa kapahamakan…..super saludo kming mga pilipino sa Trabaho ng Aming mahal Pangulo…..Mabuhay k po Mr..president..at ky Pnp chief Bato…Kyo ang aming Tagapagligtas..maraming maraming salamat po snyong dalawa…Godbless po lgi snyo..at ingat po lagi kyo….☺☺☺

  16. sila sila na nagpapatayan para hindi makasumbong sa mga pulis.

  17. Extrajudicial killings is murder by a dictator. Impeach that idiot immediately. And give him a fair trial before you execute him. Btw he insulated American President who has young Americans there to fight China, but he is taking China’s money.


  19. at may namamatay din na police sana kung wala at mga hugas kamay ibinibentang sa pnp gawa sila na ngpapatayan sa sindikato nla.ayan patunay ky kapatid n maritoni.at lalabas dn ang katotohanan in perpect time.

  20. Pag ang drug addict ang nakapatay sa inosente tao okay lang at tahimik wala kang marining sa mga human rights! Di man lang nag rally mga human rights advocate para bigyan ng hustisya ang mga biktima ng mga napatay ng mga addict!

  21. Ok lang yan…. Wag yung pinatatakas yung bigtime drug Lord na sila nag dala ng drug dito sa pilipinas.

  22. Only someone who is pretending to know something on journalism would consider this unbiased. Again, foolish confidence in partial knowledge gives away your ignorance.

  23. puro extra judicial killing ang sinasabi nyo..kelan nyo ba itatama ang balita nyo?ito ang dahilan ng pagsama ng image natin eh

  24. Engget ung mga midea.kay pangolo kaya ganon.

  25. Inamin na talagang may juducial killing sa Pilipinas kaya nagkaroon ns ng negative effect sa mga inegosyante dahil baka sila mapag bintangan patayin na lang agad

  26. umataki nnman ang epal na media wew magbalita kayo ng totoo,,,,d ung pinapalabas nyo un pang presidente at pulis ang may kasalanan kisa sa mga kriminal adik pusher rapist druglord,,,salot sa lipunan d na tanga mga tao sa panahon ngaun ,,,sayang lng pingpaaral sainyo mga media na kapi sa mga salot sa lipunan my maibalita lng kayo

  27. May malasakit SA Inang Bayan ang ating Presidente pati SA kinasasakupang bayan NG Pilipinas mayaman man o MAHIRAP Kaya Alisin NA SA puso natin ang mga galit SA kapwa nating Pilipino , magkaisa , para makapa Muhay NG marangal at may takot SA Dios KASi ang buhay natin DITO SA lupa ay pansamantala Lang. It’s about time to change…

    • Ang may takot sa diyos ay hindi basta pumapatay…pls review your faith sino po diyos ninyo. Addict po ako kay kristo Jesus hindi pumapatay pero nagbibigay buhay…wala po tayong karapatang pumatay dahil Diyos lang ang nagbigay ng Buhay…

    • ang presidente mismo ang walang takot sa diyos. dahil sa ginagawa nilang pagpatay. walang halaga sa kannya ang buhay na kaloob

    • Mali ang pagka intindi mo NA Kung sino ang Dios KO. Bakit May Dios KA pa bang Alam ang sabi KO may malasakit ang Presedenti SA bayan at ikaw mismo ang nag sabi NA si Presente ang puma patay .Alam nating LAHAT NA ang bansa natin ay puno NG drug addict Kaya gugustuhin mo bang pabayaan NA Lang NG Presedenti . Law akin mo naman ang isip mo at wag kang mag comment SA sinabi KO.

  28. Hahahhh mga kapwa druglords ang nag papatayan..at mga opisyalis n kasabwat nila. #1 na c Delima…protektor.


  30. This idiot media.puro negative yung pinapalabas na balita.bat tga media hindi ba kayu mamamayan ng pilipinas bat sa mga dilaw kayu pabor at kawawa ang mahihirp dahil sa di patas na batas sa dating administration.

  31. ganito dapat magbalita, hindi yong negative side lang….

  32. ha..ha..why it become extrajudicial killings? Kasama ba ang media or anyone else at nakita nga ang nangyari? Was there any investigative work done? In other more affluent countries the procedure is the same; when anyone put the police or authorities in harms way then they need to protect themselves. Either them or the people running against the law. Remember there is always two sides in the story at pinaka-madali sa lahat ay yaon magbigay ng comment na imbes makabuti sa ikaaayos ng bansa ay nagiging rallying point ng mga kalaban ng administration. True, most specially in our country na mahirap manghuli ng criminals-imagine papasok ka isang lugar na hindi mo alam ang lugar. Always ang buhay ng ating kapulisan ay laging nasa alanganin something na hindi nakikita ng CHR at mga self righteous official ng bansa. Medyo may bilang nga ang namamatay pero dahil nagkalat na ang kriminal; sa droga lang talamak na. Kapag nag comment ang ibang bansa sobrang ang pagka-play ng media na para bang may kasalanan ang ating authorities; nagpapahiwatig lang ang mga mayaman bansa ng kanilang concern. It’s a matter on the way media should write the news; balance at not political. Better sa lahat ng operation sumama ang media at CHR magkaroon ng tunay na saksi.

    • Mahirap mahuli criminal pag protektado rin,bakit pag gumawa na pabricated na ibedensya sa kalaban madali ang gagaling pa sa computer,kahit sino ituro nagtutoro lang yan mga nahuhuli salita lang,kawawa ang maituro na de naman kasali mga ibvestor daw natatakot baka daw pagkamalan,ok lang kung hinuhuli may warant talaga pati sibilyan vigelant pumapatay

  33. this is what REAL news is all about.. balance and objective.. unlike rappler who is bias and subjective.. selective only of the nega and at the very least one-sided..

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