Duterte rejects talk with Sebastian

Duterte rejects talk with Sebastian
PHOTO: KING RODRIGUEZ/Presidential Photographers Division

Jaybee Sebastian, a convicted crime leader, allegedly involved in irregularities inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) says that he is willing to expose the underground drug trade inside NBP but with only one condition, and that is he will only present it to President Duterte.

However, President Duterte in return has responded to Sebastian’s statement but rejects the offer and told the media that he does not talk to criminals. Instead, the President said that Sebastian could go to the fiscal if he wants.

Eduardo Arriba, Jaybee Sebastian’s lawyer, stated that his client would only reveal everything to the President and also, Sebastian does not want to appear in any hearings regarding the illegal drugs inside NBP.

Arriba also added that Sebastian is not asking any amnesty or any protection from the Philippine government, but he only wanted to help and reveal what he knows.

Sebastian came only after the riot which happened at the Building 14 of the national penitentiary which resulted in the death of one inmate, Tony Co and injured four others including Sebastian.

Sebastian immediately rushed to the Muntinlupa Medical Center (MMC) after suffering stab wounds in the hand and stomach.

Convicts which served as witnesses pinpointed Sebastian as an influential figure that allegedly linked to former Justice Secretary Leila De Lima. The detainee also said that Sebastian allegedly collected money acquired from drugs to support the funding of De Lima’s senatorial campaign.

Vitaliano Aguirre, the current Justice Secretary, stated that he wants Sebastian to appear and testify which could directly link De Lima to the illegal drug trade inside the NBP but Sebastian declined.

On the other hand, De Lima, the alleged protector according to some convicts said that the riot at NBP might be the government’s way of threatening the inmates to follow the demands to testify against her.

After the refusal of the President to hear Sebastian’s side of the story, it will now be in the hands of Sebastian whether he will testify or will just prefer not to disclose anything.


  1. nag dadalawang isip nayan si baste…., kakanta ka o mamamatay…..,

  2. Nku nman, xa p ang magdemand sa pangulo. Gagu k Sebastian ikw ang may kailangan sa pangulo. Hindi k nya kailangan, saksakin mo nlng sarili mo Sebastian.

  3. Dapat iliibing ng buhay yan salot na yan madaming pinirwisyo mamayan yan

  4. Syur na ang bad plan ng mga yan
    Kla cgro nla
    Kain BOBO nla c itay DIGGZZZZ!!!
    Sana mamatay na ang mga salut na mga yan

  5. meron naman freedom para marinig ng lahat kaya tama na direct to the pubilc

  6. Yes delikado baka masaksak ka Pres Duterte

  7. Direct to the media at sa sambayanang Filipino nlng poh ikaw mgbigay ng testimony nyo pra mgkaalaman na 🙂

  8. Tamah poh kau press digong malay nyo nyo may plan B yan haha ingatz 🙂

  9. Aba Menadro alam mo na cguro kung ano nangyayari s Bansa ntin…mka criminal ka jan may katibayan kba ??? pres. Po ng Pilipinas yan respito mo pwede????

  10. How about him he admit before he killed someone also ! , a common criminal

  11. Nakakatawa criminal pa ang nagdedemand sa Pangulo ng one on one talk

  12. Correct! !!Wag kang pauto mahal na Pangulo. Kulto po ang mga yan. !!!!

  13. Tma idol kz mya yn ihostAge k at mlay m utusan yn ni delima ptAyin k tpz mkblik lp s pwesto d tuloy ligaya nla.

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