First 50 Days of President Duterte Notable Accomplishments

Full Text SONA 2016: President Rodrigo Duterte SONA 2016 Speech

President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte, 16th President of the Republic, On his first 50 days in the office. The tough-talking Davao City Mayor turned President has accomplished several things that could help the Philippines to be a better place to live.

Below is the list of President Duterte accomplishments on the first 50 days as President of the Philippines:

  • War against Drugs
    3 – 6 months is the timeframe that the President promised to stop or suppress crime specifically on drugs to which according to him is the primary cause of poverty and crime. The administration’s campaign against drugs with the help of PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa has convinced not only thousands of drug addicts to surrender but including government officials and members of the PNP who are allegedly involved in drug trade.
    The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) are now closely monitoring the number of drug-related deaths continues to rise during the first 50 days of the president.
  • FOI Bill for Executive Branch
    The president has already signed the Freedom of Information Bill (FOI) that would apply to the executive branch. The said bill would allow any Filipino to gain access to records and transactions which concern public interest. The bill could also help reduce corruption due to everything being transparent.
  • Free WiFi Connectivity in selected public places and Major Transport Hubs
    Duterte has unveiled to implement Wi-Fi access without cost in selected place like parks, libraries, schools government hospitals and also in airports, seaports, and train stations.
    The said free connection would soon be available thru the help of PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone), and SMART that will serve as the Internet service provider for the said project.
  • 911 Emergency hotline, 8888 for complaints
    The emergency hotline will allow citizens to report emergencies to which will be linked depending on the situation where it would be for rescue, fire or police assistance. The past 117 hotline will be rerouted to 911 to cater reports from citizens. The said hotline was initially used only by Davao City which proved useful and also a faster response time.
    The numbers 8888 will serve as the citizen’s complaints hotline which would allow anyone to report complaints against any government related issues which includes corruption, unfinished projects and also underperforming government staff.
    The complaint hotline 8888 will serve as the direct access of Filipinos to Malacañang.
  • OFW Financial assistance
    Duterte ordered a team to fly to Saudi to cater the need of OFW’s for immediate financial aid. The Philippine government allotted 500 million in pesos which would allow OFW’s to receive P20, 000 plus P6, 000 for their families in the Philippines.
    The government gave plane tickets and legal assistance for them to claim their unpaid salaries and other benefits from their previous employers. The government promised that they would help the children of OFW’s to pursue their studies.
  • Shutdown of e-games outlets
    During the very first cabinet meeting of the president, he has ordered PAGCOR to cancel licenses of online gambling operators.PAGCOR has declined PhilWeb’s appeal to renew its license to operate which expired August 10 and led to the closure of 286 e-games outlets with over 5,000 employees.
  • One-stop service center for OFWs
    During the SONA of the President, it was mentioned to open a one-stop-shop that would cater the needs of OFWs. The said one-stop-shop in POEA will offer the services needed by OFWs which allows not just lessen transportation expenses but also expedite the process for documents.
    The newly opened one-stop service center includes the following government agencies:
    • Bureau of Immigration (BI)
    • Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
    • Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)
    • Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF)
    • Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA)
    • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)
    • Overseas Welfare Workers Administration (OWWA)
    • Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC)
    • Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)
    • Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
    • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)
    • Social Security System (SSS)
    • Technical Education and Skills Development (TESDA)
    • Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA)

    OFW’s can now avail services offered by the said agencies without having to leave the POEA office in Mandaluyong which located on the ground floor of the said agency.

  • $2.4 Billion Japan loan for a new railway system
    Japan has announced its aim to fund the new railway system that would allow the connection of Manila to Bulacan which could help lessen traffic in the metro. The said project is a loan from Japan which could result in a better transport system for the Philippines. According to Masahato Ohtaka, the deputy press secretary for Japan’s foreign ministry, the said project completion must be in no time.
  • OEC Exemption for returning OFW’s
    In has been disclosed that starting the second week of September, OFW’s returning to their previous employer does not need to secure an overseas employment certificate (OEC).
    The said privilege for OFW’s is being supported by the Governing Board Resolution No. 12; series of 2016 which follows the instruction of the President to streamline processes which involve OFW’s.POEA is already implementing an online system called Balik-Manggagawa Online Processing System that would possibly eliminate long lines for those workers that would return to the same site and employer.
  • Faster passport processing under APO production
    The printing of Philippine passports is now faster due to a new printing system that increased production speed by 35%. The said new printing system does not only print faster, but it also added features that would make the passports more secure. The previous delivery of 7-14 days will now be an average of 5 days.
  • Campaign against Illegal Mining
    The president together with Department Secretary Gina Lopez has been slowly putting an end to the destruction of the environment. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has signed a MOA with the cooperation of other government units to investigate violations and to apprehend violators of the said environment laws.
    The previous delivery of 7-14 days will now be an average of 5 days.The DENR are also coordinating with the PNP, AFP and also with the Philippine Coast Guard to help monitor and enforce the law to avoid illegally harvested resources.

The president already has a lot of accomplishment during his first 50 days, but there were also some issues thrown at him which include:

(great) Late President Ferdinand Marcos burial at the “Libingan ng Mga Bayani.”
The president has allowed the burial of late President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani but reiterated that he is only following the law which states that Marcos is qualified. He also disclosed that he is firm on his decision even after several protests are taking place.

Another issue that Riza Hontiveros brought up is that the president could not fight oligarchs if he allowed the burial of the one who created cronies of oligarchy during the time of Martial Law.

Duterte has named Roberto Ongpin as an oligarch that his present administration wants to put an end to but then again according to Hontiveros, disapproving oligarchs and allowing the burial of Marcos gives a contradiction to a new level.

(baseless) Extrajudicial Killings 
Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has been monitoring his moves due to extrajudicial killings happening all over the country. The said issue is Part of the campaign of the president against illegal drugs. Several groups tagged the said issue as dangerous since it is already alarming.Duterte has been vocal about the killings of criminals to which he even handed out shoot to kill orders for criminals and also to politicians involved in drug trades.

Duterte accused of having his death squad which allegedly is in charge of the said killings made up of members of the PNP, assassins and also rebels.

Duterte already has gained his first 50 days as president of the Philippines and already proved a lot based on the things that he had implemented. Duterte has won because the Filipino’s are willing to try the tough-talking Davao City mayor to run the country using his experience and to replicate the things that allowed Davao city to be a better place to live.


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  111. the best.k ..president..I salute to U..kya mhal k nmin..

  112. Yan ang presidente may malasakit sa bansang pilipinas at higit sa lahat sa mga tao.

  113. Ang mga tao ayw nilang umunlad ang ating bansa na malinis tapat at totoo


  115. I’m salute you Mr.president duterte you are great leader in history.

  116. Lord bgyn mo po ng mhbang buhay ang mahal nming pangulo pra po mtupad nya ang mggandang hangarin lalong lalo n po s ktulad nming mahihirap

  117. Kay Ganda ang kinabukasan ng mga anak,mga apo natin,dahil sa halal ,at itinakda ,ibinigay satin ang president Duterte,MULA SA AMANG DIOS,50 days congratz po

  118. You deserve a million salute President Duterte

  119. Kung talo c tatay digong maraming buang sa pinas dahil sa druga at laging Myron rape araw2x at patayan. Thanks god you us tatay digong Salamat din sa grupo ni tatay digong loyal sa kanilang mga trabho god bless us all

  120. Sya lang ang concern sa mga tanong bayan hinde pansarili lang para yumaman. Ang iba puro daldal at kabig ng Pera ang alam na gawin sa kaban ng tanong bayan

  121. Dyan lang mgaling ang dilawan sa propaganda lalo na sa paninira ng kalaban hahanap tlga ng paraan pra gumanda ang images nila mabuhay ka tatay digong lampaso mo sila lahat at tuluyan ng mawala ang mga dilawan salot sa bayan.

  122. Salamat Mahal nming Pangulong DUTERTE….

  123. luv u idol gling gling mo tlga 🙂 🙂 🙂

  124. God will bless you our beloved President

  125. Mabuhay tayong mga pilipino at lalo na sa presidente at PNPsir. bato at sa lahat nang mga pilis at sundalo nakataya ang buhay para lang masugpo ang mga kremin sa bansa..


  127. Kapag may Political Will na labanan ang Corruption lalo na sa mga tiwaling Trapo sa Gobyerno…..Mga panagkong binitiwan ay dagliang ipinatutupad, hindi papogilang……May puso sa Hinaing ng nakararaming pilipino……Kamay na Bakal sa mga Criminal na salot sa lipunan…..Yan ang ADMINITRASYON MALINIS, MATAPAT, MAY PUSO AT PAGMAMAHAL SA BAWAT PILIPINONG SABIK SA TUNAY NA PAGBABAGO, AMA NG PILIPINAS……. PANGULONG RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE…

  128. GODbless u po pres.DUTERTE.mabuhay po kau,

  129. oo cya ang Pinili ng Dios pra iahon sa hirap bansa ntin

  130. kaya yong kontra dyan .mag isisp kayo para sa kinbukasan nang anak ninyo..peace

  131. I salute you Mr President!
    May God continue to bless you
    with good health of mind, heart, body and spirit so you continue to lead and protect the Filipinos and make the Philippines a better place to live!

  132. super thanks po sa tunay na malasaket nyo sa amin mamayan fiipino 50.days higet pa mabuti kaysa 6years ni panot puro pambubola sa tao ahahah

  133. Pg ganyang ang presidente ng bansa khit 20 pa sya dyan sa palasyo

  134. Iba tlga ang tunay na pinoy,sna puro bisaya nlng ang namumuno hahaha

  135. ito ang patunay na may isang salita at sariling disisyun ang pres.tatay digong at hnd nagpapadikta kng kanino man..

  136. good job than to the country,,,

  137. Yan ang ating president,e action agad

  138. Super galing ng mahal n pangulo nmin nkaka proud nman love you mahal n pangulo

  139. God bless po ,ingat po kayo lage

  140. ewan ko sa mga kultong dilaw bakit ngakngak sila ng ngakngak eh wala nman sila nagawa para sa ikagaganda ng pilipinas.kaya kayong mga kultong dilaw maglubay na kayo at wala nman sumusunod sa inyo sa ngaun dahil ginising nyo ang mga pilipino sa mga kalokohan nyo mga epal kayo.

  141. How great !? Its really the change is coming thank you for making ur j0b did great well.. 😉

  142. Ang galing mo tatay.digong saludo nq syo at ang buong sambyanang Filipinos.

  143. Thats my tatay Digong..Hope na maging Great Country ang Philippines sa pamamagitan ng liderato nyo.saludo po kami sa inyo..salamat sa Diyos at binigyan nya kami ng tunay na Ama ng bansang Pilipinas..GOD BLESS.

  144. Galing ng president.tunay na president tunay na mapag mahal sa tao.tunay na nagmamalasakit at tunay na malaking pag babago bayan.only in the philippine.mag like lang.sang ayon 20years duterte administration

  145. Mabuhay po kayo aming mahal na PDU30

  146. Dapat ikaw na Ang sumunod Kay Marcos hanggang ngayon

  147. 6 n taon ng mga nkraang admin 50days nya lng gnwa kya nganga nmn cla.svhn nainsulto nmn dpt tlg insultuhin cla dhl kkpal ng mkha nla kng mkpgslita kla m mrning ngwa s byn n puro phrp

    • Slmt s mga nglike ng aking ptama haha.cgro nmn pnsin nyo ang mga pgbbgo s serbisyo ng bgong pmmhla.

    • Alin ba ang nagbago ang nakikita kung pagbabago,simula ng maupo si presedente duterte madaming napatay sa loob ng 2 buwan.yon palang ang nagawa nya.napa surender ang mga adick pero hinde pa napagkaisa nya ang mamamayang pilipino,maraming pinangalanan na sangkot sa droga wala palang matibay na ebedensya,ayan si de lima binulgar nman nya mag uumpisa palang pala si bato mag embistiga. Ano yon ipahiya muna bago imbisbigahan.

    • Manhid lang ang di nakakaradam ng pagbabago at mga bulag….. Nasanay kasi sa nakaraang administrasyon puro kasinungalingan lang naririnig nila nauto na😂😂😂

    • Si Yamz Zubieta Nawaham,… takot ka baka adik karin… ilang ulit binigyan nag pakakataon. Sumuko at mag pa rehab. Ayaw matigas ang ulo.. at yan si de lima magkamukha kayo… mga salot sa lipunan. Protektor mga ogok. Feeling malis pero mismo sa bilibid niloto ang druga…

    • Bulag k dn hyop k Yamz Zubieta Nawaham dble ang nptay un mga adik DNA inusinte SNA mbiktima k dn hyop k ng adik PRA mlmn m cnsv m.ayw k SNA ptulan k dhl bbae pro cla ulo k adik k dn yta.

    • Tama ka Yamz Zubieta Nawaham.. Na ipapahiya ka ang laki mong tanga ubod pa ng tanga sa lahat ng mga tanga…yan ganyan na pag iisip na katulad mo abnornal kulang ka lang sa kadyot.. Isa pa dyan ka lng pala nakatutok sa isyo na yan sa dami ng ahensya ng gobyerno hnd mo nalalaman kng anong magagandang nagagawa palibhasa ang medya hnd binabalita ang ibang magandang nagagawa… Kaya isa ka sa ubod ng tanga.. Hnd lng tanga bulag pa.. Bakit pa kasi binigyan ka pa ng utak na kapiranggot..

    • Nagkaroon ng one-stop processing para sa OFW sa POEA, nahinto ang LAGLAG BALA sa airport (meron pa ba?), gagawing 10 years validity ang passport, yung mga stranded sa Saudi papauwiin na at marami pang iba sa loob lang ng 50 days. Yung six years ni Panot nagawa niya ba ito?


    • At pinalaya ang plunderer ng kaban ng bayan.

    • Roland Eser Villanueva. .sino ang pinalaya?

    • Walang evidence against Arroyo at hinde ang president ang gumawa nyan.
      Sıra utak ka

    • Wla mn evidence Rolando Eser Villanueva kya nklya c arroyo bsta tlg ang d nkkpncin ng pgbbgo bulag at nbu2lag p cla ng pera haha

    • Rolando Eser Villanueva Hindi ang presidente ang ngpalaya kay Arroyo… ayaw nga ng tanggapin ni GMA ang presidential parol na ibibigay sa kniya in case found guilty sya sa kasong Plunder eh… she’s found not guilty sa case Kaya sya nakalaya… once n a lifetime lng dumarating satin ang isang tapat, simple matapang at dedikadong Uri ng pangulo… he’s one of a kind Ika nga… nasanay kasi tayo noon sa dati na always pangako gnagwa sa taumbayan lahat napapako hnggang sa matapos ang termino… I salute the courage and true governance which our president is showing…sana suportahan natin sya at ipagdasal na gabayan sya at protektahan laban sa mga taong my masasamang balak sa kaniyang buhay!!!

    • Yamz Zubieta Nawaham ilan ba kayo wahahaha anti mabilang lang ang pro duterte di nyo kayang bilangin wahahah

    • Yamz Zubieta Nawaham Di b sbi nila Marimar & Co. alam nila kung saan2 makabili ng DROGA?eh BKIT hinde nila HINULI?Ngaun ung LISTAHAN N YAN ALAM NILA!BINULGAR LANG NMAN NI PRD30! Sila PA POGI IBAHIN MO C PRD30 ACTION NA!!!Ngaun NGAW2 KAYU KC PROTECTOR KYU!Pasalamat sana at ngaun nde n aabot ng 6mos Malapit n maging Safe ang paligid!!

  148. Godbless you Mr president du30

  149. genius president and most of all he is brave and strong .

  150. Bravo Tatay Digong,salute on U Mr.Presedent

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