Netizen Wrote an Open Letter to PNoy for Fair and Honest Elections

President Benigno Aquino III
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A concerned netizen wrote an open letter to President Benigno Aquino III for a fair and honest elections.

Dear President PNoy,

I voted for you in 2010 because of your promise of Tuwid na Daan. I was not so clear about what it really meant but I just assumed you wanted to lead a clean government free from corruption. And voting for you was more of a practical choice because Erap, a convicted plunderer, already overtook Manny Villar in the surveys. Frankly speaking, if not for your mom’s death, you would have had a zero chance of becoming our president.

I am not going to talk about your performance. There is no point discussing how successful you managed to grow our economy or how effective you were in cleaning up our government by putting alleged corrupt officials to prison.

But as you will soon end your term as president of our country, I would like to make an appeal to you to leave behind a good legacy by ensuring a fair and honest conduct of the elections and a smooth transition of power to the next president elected by the majority of the Filipino people.

Please act decisively on Senator Antonio Trillanes’ threat of a coup attempt once Duterte will become president. Your mother and your family were victimized by six coup attempts and it wasn’t good for the country.

Please also refrain from threatening to lead a people power if ever Duterte wins. If the good mayor from Davao wins in a clean and fair elections, then why would you question the will of the people? Contrary to allegations, he clearly said that he is not a
Communist. He is not pro-Muslim insurgency. But his task of nation building requires him to talk to all insurgency groups like the CPP-NPA headed by Joma Sison, who incidentally was even released from prison by Cory, your own mother.

And so what if Duterte openly claims that he is a Socialist? There is clearly nothing wrong with Socialism. A first world country like Sweden is a socialist country. Its taxes are around 35% but the people there are being taken care of from womb to tomb. Also, even a democratic country like the United States also resorted to some socialist practices when it “bailed out” major business institutions during the 2007 crisis. And until now major market movers in our world economy are the world’s central banks. Pure capitalism today is only but a myth.

So let us just please agree to support the will of the people. Your call for continuity of the Daang Matuwid platform which until now is really not clear to me, has not been effective as opposed to the strong clamor of the people for radical change to stop criminality and corruption.

My final appeal to you is to ensure a safe, clean, fair and honest conduct of the elections this coming Monday. I thank you for the service and the sacrifices you have made for our country. And I hope you will join me and the rest of the country in supporting our new leader.

Mayor Duterte has the experience, the leadership skills, the political will, and the strong love for the country and the people which will make him probably the greatest president that the Philippines will ever have. This time he is not just my practical choice. But my firm principled decision shared by millions of Filipinos.

Please listen to my appeal and grant the request I am making on behalf of the Filipino people. Thank you.

God bless you Mr. President. God bless our country. God bless all Filipinos!

Willy Ramasola

Source: Facebook User Willy Ramasola

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