Philippines vs China: International Court ruled in favor of Philippines over Disputed Territory

Philippines vs China

The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague ruled in favor of the Philippines on Tuesday, July 12, on the maritime dispute case against China. The three-year-old case was filed in January 2013 after a tense, yet non-violent show of force between the two countries at Scarborough Shoal. The territorial conflicts over different parts of the South China Sea currently occur not only with the Philippines, but with Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brunei as well.

China holds the United States liable for the stirrups that have paved the way to these events. The latter had sent in their military forces into the airspace, strengthening the statement that those were international territories. China responded with several warnings but has fortunately not escalated into violence.

In the years leading up to this decision, China had built almost 3,000 acres of artificial reefs in the disputed areas, further reinforcing their claim by harboring military ships, aircrafts, and weapons on them. They have also claimed rights to the resources in the area and have taken the liberty of harvesting fish and conducting oil exploration ventures.

The Arbitration Court also found that not only did China fail to preserve the aquatic species and marine bio-networks, but also caused damage to the delicate ecosystems surrounding their artificial lands.

In response to the ruling, Chinese President Xi Jinping stated that “China will never accept any claim or action based on those awards,” but is willing to engage in a peaceful negotiation to resolve the dispute “on the basis of respecting historical facts.” Furthermore, in a conversation between Philippine and United States Defense Secretaries Delfin Lorenzana and Ash Carter, both countries had expressed that they would exercise restraint, as was the case with China.

This monumental victory took the internet by storm and has been branded with the hashtag #CHexit on Twitter. Now, many netizens from neighboring countries join the PH in recalling their territory the West Philippine Sea.


  1. Abide the law..and accept the result.

  2. Boycott china products! Paalisin ang mga chekwa sa lahat ng sulok ng Pilipinas!!!

    • Correct…mag kaisa…wag bili produkto nila…simple as that …Magtiis Na lang kung wala…para bumagsak economy nila.

  3. Madume ksi mga yan.. Kahit ano bibinta basta maka pera lang ayos..

  4. Mag ingat mga kababayan na nag trabaho sa bansang China.
    Keep safe

  5. Boycott made in China,lahat galing ng China..bwesit n china ym

  6. Ubos na b mga hayop, tao na gnagwang products mga china kaya h2 nanaman mang akn ng d kanila! Pilipinas ipaglaban ang ating karapatan pero sana d sa maduguang situation

  7. Gahi jud ulo nila noh…wa man gud cilay kakohaan ug isda…naa ra bay news karon lang ang tawo nila sa china gihimo ug karne .nasakpan man…kalood ana lawas sa tawo ilang gibaligya…

  8. I hope that GOD ALMIGHTY,give miracle to the Philippines.,move out the ship of china…and learn lessons of what china deed to Philippines that’s why to all the people of the Philippines we pry,to survive this problem,only God can do this situation

  9. China Get outtttttttt,that is our island…

  10. Feeling ng china, super power cla, kaya pinag aralan cla ngaun ng UN, ndi na cla sumusunod anumang international law ndi cla aalis kahit Maki alam pa ang america

  11. Tayo manga pinoy nd tayo duwag

  12. pls kung sa kapirasong lupa lng nmn oo atin ang yan ipag lban.pero kung aabot sa madugong pag llbn…nakklungkot god parin ang disisyun…kung knino yan papupunta..god is the peace maker…

  13. Panalo na nqa tau Peru parng talo parn tau dahil matigas ang China puro usap nlng ba tlga ang gubyerno ntn sa kanila hellow gumising kau gusto nila ng gira pagbigyan ntn,

  14. kung ayaw ang China makipaglaban sa ating teretoryo west philippines sea atin yan .bakal sa bakal .

  15. Fuck the goverment of china, ‘

  16. Yes,we have the right to use that sea because it does not belong to China.China does not have the right to own it.

  17. Ask advice to the people or person who work hard to make this case successful.

  18. 9 dash line mukha nyo tsekwa!!

  19. wait and see na lang ang pilipinas kong ano ang after effect sa panalo natin sa kaso against china

  20. Lets Request the 2 Super Powers Russia and America to Guard the Area of UN sending Peace Troopers on areas of Hostility between Parties!

  21. d na mabawi yan,maghukay narin tayo!! wala tayo laban wag na asahan u.s..kung gyerahen natin china baka hintayin ng u.s pakawalan muna ng china lahat ng balistek missle nila durog n tayo saka p kikilos mga yan.

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