Rodrigo Duterte, The Man with an Iron Fist is up to the Toughest Challenge

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte with City of Davao Seal

Proclamation of our new country’s leader is just around the corner, are you enthusiastic for innovation? Are you willing to heed new laws? Are you ready to read and hear realistic and most especially unfavorable opinions?

Most of the Filipinos embraced and voted Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte, hoping this will be their last card for our country’s development. Hoping that drugs and crimes all over the country will resolve after six (6) months. Hoping that there will be no corrupt people in his tenure.

As of May 14th, 2016, 7:57 PM, our presumptive president, Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte has almost sixteen (16) million total of votes all over the world (Source: Rappler). These just prove that Filipinos are starving for a change. Now that the people have spoken gave their trust to Duterte and believed that his promises meet. The man with an iron fist is now up to the toughest challenge, to the make Philippines like Davao, his hometown! Or better than Davao, rather.

Once proclaimed, the biggest and most controversial questions are: Can he carry out his platform before six (6) months or before his term ends? Will he change our government from a republic to federalism? Can he transform the whole country as what he has done in Davao? Will his term lower down the rate of poverty and unemployment? Do our new heroes, the OFW’s, can go home without worrying whether their families can eat at least three (3) times a day? Will there be an overall revision of the Constitution? Will he listen and grant the taxpayer’s wish about lowering income tax?

With all this, we will just wait for the next few months whether Duterte is faithful to his words, whether he can enforce laws and people will take it seriously and give in, and whether he can make a massive refinement in our country.


  1. Kawawa lang…..’3 to 6 month’s baka baba nayan lalo pat walang mag gaguide sa kanya…na malapit at kakampi nya na tulad ni marcos at cayetano…..hawak parin ng aquino kalaban nya hahahahaha..putang ina kaya yan ni du30 go du30

  2. It can be done…forget our old and bad habits…just simple as that. One example of bad and annoying habit our people who happen to take a plane. Once the plane landed you can hear the clicking of the seatbelts that has been unbuckled. This is happening even there is an announcement by cabin crew to remain seated as well as the light of the seatbelts sign is still lit.

  3. With our help…God bless u mayor

  4. You can do it Mr President We will pray for your success

  5. You can do it meyor,let’s do it!!!

  6. With the help of the netizens, he can do it!

  7. sana magampanan ni pres.duterte ang pagiging pangulo o lider ng ating bansa.hope so.

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