Traffic Jam All Over the Metro

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Every day we encounter a traffic jam, most especially at rush hours. An increasing number of private cars, road widening projects, undisciplined drivers, and lack of infrastructure are the main reasons why we are all suffering from the unbearable traffic all over the metro.

In the previous presidential debate, this timely issue brought up by a commuter who is also a mother, she resides at Bulacan and works in Makati. She was complaining and disappointed in what is happening in our transportation. She needs to wake up very early just to avoid the traffic, long queues in UV terminals and MRTs and to avoid being late from work but unfortunately she’s still one of the people queuing on a terminal lane, stuck in traffic and have a salary deduction because of being late. The worst scenario is she left her house in the morning while her children are still sleeping and comes back home in the evening and her children are already sleeping.


An increasing numbers of private cars. With that left and right advertisements of different car dealers on how to avail their promo. Like, you can avail if you have an eighteen thousand (PHP 18, 000.00) for an all-in promo.

Road widening or reconstruction projects. Some municipalities are conducting these projects, but cannot finish it on a target completion date.

Lack of infrastructure. With all those cars all over the metro, why can’t the government think of building an additional highway, expressways or flyovers?

Undisciplined drivers. We can encounter drivers who don’t know how to give way. You can see them swerve, almost cut you off the lane, overtakes anytime, and honk their horns as if they are the king of the road.


Every day-commuter. They are directly affected by the traffic congestion. Most of them earn a low monthly wage and living too far from work and took almost four (4) hours travel time from home to office, one-way. Just for the sake of having paid twice every month, they will sacrifice their long hours of sleeping in their bed and even sacrifice their family time.

Private car owner. More consumption of gas used by being stuck in traffic jam.

Emergency vehicles. Police, ambulance, fire truck and the like, cannot respond immediately.

Road Rage. The temper tantrums of a frustrated driver may decrease. It will manifest as shouting to other drivers, honking their horns longer, intentional tailgating, and overtaking.

Furthermore, people will start choosing public transport over private cars once the government comes up with a better solution and have a full implementation to decrease the traffic congestion with coordination of the people of the Philippines.


  1. Grabeee 5pm.ako umalis until now nsa kalsada pa ako going to novaliches kahit saan traf lakas ulan

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