Mocha Girls Inappropriately Labeled by ABS-CBN

Mocha Girls
PHOTO: Mocha Uson

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has known supporter Mocha Girls who commonly performed at Duterte campaign rally, called foul over using very inappropriately used of words ‘scantily clad dancers.’

Scantily Clad – inadequately clothed, half-clothed, underclothed

If ever you missed it, below is the full video of Duterte miting de avance by Rappler on YouTube:

AFTER WATCHING: Do you see any half-clothed?

Allegedly in the past, there are many speculations about final PiliPinas Debates 2016 on the said network that they possibly leak the questionnaire to Mar Roxas, which eloquently and well answered all the questions towards him with right points and arguments compared to his performances in other debates.

“Pwede mong – pwede mong i-email, sasagutin ko.”, Sec. Mar Roxas said.

Just recently, the said network even allowed the airing of anti-Duterte ad campaign paid by Sen. Antonio Trillanes, which caused a lot of negative feedback from the netizens on the said network by using minors in the ad campaign. Unfortunately, COMELEC said that they only regulate duration, not content.

Source: Mocha Uson Blog Facebook Post


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