‘Pokémon Go’ More Than Doubling Nintendo Shares in Just Two Weeks

'Pokémon Go' More Than Doubling Nintendo Shares in Just Two Weeks

Pokémon Go has become the new craze of today’s gaming experience. Since its launch on July 6, its Japanese maker Nintendo Co. has increased by 14.4 percent in shares at the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). After accumulating 15 million players in just one week, the company’s stock added a total of $9 billion, and as of Tuesday, they have more than doubled in value, shooting up its market capitalization to $42.4 billion. In fact, a quarter of the entire trading accounted at the TSE was credited to Nintendo shares alone.

Reportedly garnering more users than Tindr, this remarkable reality game has instantly topped the charts on the Apple Store. The app uses the phone’s GPS and camera to help the user catch different types of Pokémon in reference to their location. While it is a rousing adventure for the mobile users of this generation, it is even more exciting for the early millennial, who lived through the TV series, Gameboy, and card game era of this phenomenal sensation.

As of now, analysts project minimal financial impact in terms of revenue since the app can be downloaded for free. Moreover, video game enthusiasts believe the game to be a fad and worry that stock investors may mistake its initial success as an indicator of long-term potential.

Pokémon Go an app developed by Niantic Inc., a Google Spinoff company co-owned by Nintendo, who licenses the franchise. It has been released in the U.S., Australia, Europe, Canada, and New Zealand, and has yet to be offered in Asia, where the global hype has made it eagerly anticipated.

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