Omran Daqneesh 5 Year Old, Symbolize Face of War in Syria

Omran Daqneesh
PHOTO: Aleppo Media Center (AMC)

Footage of a young boy that caused heartbreak for millions worldwide. The young five-year-old boy named Omran Daqneesh was seen bloodied and shocked while sitting inside an ambulance last August 17, 2016, waiting for a doctor to check his condition.

The footage was taken right after an airstrike hit them in the Syrian City of Aleppo which allegedly came from the Russian Air Force.

The five-year-old suffered a wound to his head but immediately discharged after being taken to the hospital.

Omran Daqneesh together with parents and his three siblings were all rescued right after the apartment building to where they are staying has collapsed. The airstrike resulted in the death of eight people which includes five children. Ali, Omran’s 10-year-old brother also died last August 20, 2016, due to his injuries.

The poor little boy is just part of the picture of the war happening in Syria. The incident in Aleppo is repeated every day according to Mustafa Al Sarouq, a camera operator working on Aleppo.

“Everyday we cover these massacres and these war crimes in Aleppo,” Al Sarouq said. “When we go to the places that have been bombed, planes circle around and bomb it again to kill rescue workers that are helping civilians. They kill these people who are trying to rescue people,” he added.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, more than 18,000 civilians were killed in Aleppo province starting from March 2011 until the present date.

4,500 of out those civilian killed were minors despite of what is happening in Aleppo, a few million residents opted to stay and risk their everyday lives.

The bombings and air strikes being a daily routine allow them to be closer to danger but they still choose to remain in Aleppo rather than move to a safer place.

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  1. un ito atupagin nyo di yong problema ng pinas kayang kaya na ng pangulo namin un.

  2. Mga UN maawa sana kayo dito ting nan nyo ang bata yan ang tulongan nyo hindi yung mga adik kriminal sa pilipinas ang to tolongan nyo

  3. Ds is really heartbreaking issue.GOdbless babyboy;my prayers for you.

  4. mga taga UN itong pagtuunan nyo ng pansin Hindi ang bansa nmin….

  5. Here’s something the demonstrators can take as their cause but nothing it’s just deafening silence. Why at the Philippine Consulate? Hundreds and thousands are being butchered in Syria and else where around the world and no demonstrations to denounce this?

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