PCO: Public asked to stay calm, be vigilant

Rodrigo Duterte on Roxas Night Market Blast Site

The public is asked to stay calm amidst the bombing that happened on Friday evening which led to the death of 14 persons and wounding scores of other civilians.

Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella before midnight said “an explosion of still unverified cause occurred at the Davao night market resulting to the death of at least 10 persons and around 60 people injured.”

He advised the public to avoid making speculations and avoid posting unfounded information on social media. “It is best that the populace refrain from reckless speculation and avoid crowded places. There is no cause for alarm but it is wise to be cautious.”

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has declared a “State of lawless violence” in the entire country, to allow him, as Commander-in-Chief of the law enforcement units, to call on them to suppress lawlessness.

Abella said that attached to the declaration, there will be check-points to be established on various corners of the country, as a deterrent measure against the terror groups who sow criminality.

“We ask everyone to cooperate. When passing a check-point, let us turn off our headlights and turn-on the light inside the vehicle to allow our law enforcers to perform their jobs.”

Abella further said, “let us cooperate. It is for our own safety. The government is doing its best but the unity and cooperation of everybody is necessary to fight the terrorists and to cleanse the country of criminality.”

He also advised the public to be vigilant and to report to the authorities information about people sowing crimes.

Earlier, Presidential Communications Office Secretary Martin Andanar confirmed that there are reports of assassination plots against President Duterte. “Aside from efforts of the government troops to protect the
President, it would even be better if the people could act as ‘neighborhood watch’ to gather information at the community level to help ensure his safety,” and allow him to pursue the programs beneficial for the nation and the future generation.

The President has waged a war on illegal drugs and has ordered the military to destroy the Abu Sayyaf Group who do terroristic activities and victimizing even the innocent.

Source: PCO Facebook Note

President Rodrigo Duterte visit the bomb victims at the Hospital, Roxas Ave., Davao City

Visit to the Bomb Victims

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte visits the bomb victims in San Pedro Hospital and Davao Medical Center after a bomb exploded in the crowded Roxas Street late Friday evening. The President assures the victims the government will cover all medical expenses. #PartnerForChange #StayStrongDavao

Posted by Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines) on Friday, September 2, 2016

President Rodrigo Duterte visit the bomb victimes at the Morgues

Visit to the Bomb Victims at the Morgues

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte consoles relatives of the bomb blast victims brought to the Angel Funeral Homes and Cosmopolitan Memorial Chapel in Davao City on September 3, 2016. He assures the relatives that the government will shoulder all funeral expenses. #PartnerForChange #StayStrongDavao

Posted by Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines) on Friday, September 2, 2016

Let’s us set differences aside and #PrayForDavao


  1. God is great ,He will keep you safe Mr President Duterte

  2. Dapat patayin ng mga terorista..para peace na tayo…magdasal nlng tayong lahat

  3. God always guide your way PDUTERTE…

  4. Repost:

    “My enemies are laughing and think they have succeeded in their plan of humiliating me. These are not humans, they are evil men – who can’t even face our law enforcers eye to eye. So what they do to get away with their evil plan is to hit soft targets like innocent civilians & peace loving people who can’t fight. I will say it again, you laugh and enjoyed what you did and you run away like demons – but YOU CANNOT HIDE, because all the Powers of the State will be utilized to track you down Dead or Alive !”
    – President Rodrigo R. Duterte

  5. God is good always. .God bless you tatay nng Bayan..DUTERTE…

  6. Naway pa2loy kaung bigyan ng Patnubay ng Dios in Jesus Name Amen!

  7. Keep cool president god is there to help you

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