PNoy Visits Iglesia ni Cristo a Week Before Elections

PNoy Visit INC Main Office
PHOTO: Screengrab from Dennis Datu's video/dzMM

The morning of May 2, 2016, President Aquino spotted arriving at the central office of Iglesia ni Cristo. It is only a week before the national elections and does this mean that he is trying to convince INC to endorse his candidate for president?

PNoy Visits Iglesia ni Cristo, PHOTO: Screengrab from Dennis Datu's video/dzMM
Iglesia ni Cristo is known to practice “Bloc voting” during the election which means that whoever the leaders of INC chooses, their members will vote for them too. PHOTO: Screengrab from Dennis Datu’s video/dzMM

We are all aware that PNoy’s candidate for the upcoming election is Mar Roxas as a standard-bearer of Liberal Party. Is he able to convince the said religious group to vote Roxas?

Iglesia ni Cristo announced not so long ago that they will be endorsing Marcos as their vice presidential candidate, and soon, they will also announce president of their choice.

Source: ABS-CBN News

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