Sandra Cam: I am willing to testify in Congress against De Lima

Whistleblower Sandra Cam
PHOTO: Sreengrab from PTV4 Facebook video

Whistleblower Sandra Cam revealed several issues against Senator Leila De Lima, the Senator who at the midst of controversy after President Rodrigo Duterte disclosed an alleged relationship between De Lima and his driver.

On her opening statement, during an interview on the radio program ‘Dos Por Dos’ last August 19, Friday, Cam stated that she already tried to testify against issues regarding what is happening inside New Bilibid Prison (NBP), but she was unheeded.

Cam challenged De Lima to file a case against her to reveal some evidence against the Senator, but the Senator disregarded Cam’s statement.

When ‘Dos por Dos’ host asked Sandra Cam if the said issues involve De Lima and his driver, the whistleblower instantly answered ‘yes’ and even asked the host if they want her to drop the name of the alleged lover.

Cam then revealed the name Ronnie Palisoc Dayan as the security guard turned driver during De Lima’s time with the Commission on Human Rights (CHR).

According to Sandra Cam, Dayan is the key person for those who wanted to be promoted inside the NBI and Immigrations and could even help manipulate high-profile pending cases filed at the Department of Justice.

She also stated that Dayan’s family is not wealthy, but they were able to afford a house and a farm in Pangasinan.

Cam also mentioned during the interview that the said alleged lover of De Lima is in charge of collecting drug money from high-profile inmates including Jaybee Sebastian and Peter Co, which reportedly are the leaders of “Bilibid 19” inside the New Bilibid Prison.

The whistleblower added that it would be impossible for De Lima not to be aware of contrabands being allowed inside the Bilibid and tagged De Lima as the protector of high-profile inmates inside the said facility.

The Dos por Dos hosts then asked Cam if she is willing to testify against the Senator once invited and immediately replied that she is very much prepared to attend any hearing on the said issue.


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