International Olympic Committee Defends Decision on Russian Team’s ‘State-Sponsored Doping’ Case

IOC Defends Decision on Russian State-Sponsored Doping Case

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) received a total of 11 appeals since they arrived for setting up at the Olympics Stadium Rio de Janeiro a week ago amounted to the same total of appeals it handled during the last Olympics in 2012.

Of the 11 appeals, the majority involved the Russian athletes who were suspended from participating in the games due to the controversial ‘state-sponsored doping’ that involved over two dozen summer and winter sports.

According to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Russian athletes who have never been tested positive for drug use are allowed to compete. Moreover, they may appeal if they can provide ample proof “to the full satisfaction of his or her international federation”, said the IOC. Any tests conducted by Russia would be considered invalid, while international tests that have been proven to be reliable will be the only ones recognized.

However, with the Olympics fast approaching, the IOC drew flak for leaving the decision of participation to individual sports federations. Thomas Bach, the head of the IOC which castigated by the Word Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), responded by saying things could have turned out differently if these developments had progressed a couple of years earlier. WADA had published the report less than three weeks before the Olympics but says they took action as soon as they could.

Furthermore, Bach reported in his speech at Monday night’s IOC General Assembly that the decision not to suspend the entire Russian Team from the 2016 Olympics was founded on human rights and justice for the individual athletes. “Justice must be independent from politics,” he said. “Whoever responds to a violation of the law with another violation of the law is destroying justice.”

The IOC reports that the final ruling regarding the participation of the athletes will most likely be made until right before the opening ceremony on Friday.

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