Office of the Presidential Spokesman Statement on Senator de Lima’s filing Writ of Habeas Data in SC

Official Seal of Presidential Spokeperson

Senator Leila de Lima is apparently playing the gender card as a shield against mounting evidence of her ties with high-profile drug lords and the proliferation of drug trade in the Bilibid.

By portraying herself as a victim she seeks to distance herself from the intimate relationships which were also intertwined with drug trafficking while she was DOJ Secretary.

Senator De Lima’s filing of a petition before the Supreme Court is calculated to generate media noise to drown out the accusations against her.


  1. kung ayaw nyong ikulong eh di patayin nyo nlang para tapos na kahayupan nyan

  2. Alam kasi ni delima buking na siya kaya ginagawa ang lahat makaligtas lang siya sa kanyang kasalanan wala kana mapupuntahan delima next move mo baka mag suicide kanalanh.

  3. nakakaumay na balita kay delima, may agimat kasi yan

  4. Nagmamaskara na si Delima kunwari hahahaha

  5. Saging na saba vs. alindog ….hehehe

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