3 Apprehended UPLB Guards Linked to Recent Rape Cases

3 Apprehended UPLB Guards Linked to Recent Rape Cases

The Los Baños community, students and residents alike, is in an uproar online after three University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) guards were arrested on Friday, July 15, for illegal drug operations. After an initial investigation, it was revealed that the same men were involved in two separate rape cases that occurred on April 18 and June 14 this year.

Robert Cañete, Jayve Tayze, and Rodrico Landicho were found in possession of guns, a grenade, a knife, and shabu upon arrest. All were members of the outsourced Northcom Security Agency and were employed by the university in July 2014.

Reports say that Landicho and Tayze stopped reporting for work last June, the same month that the UPLB sophomore was sexually abused. Municipal Police Chief Inspector Owen Banaag said that on that night, one of the three men arrested was on duty. According to the student, as well as a 42-year-old woman whose rape incident occurred on April 18, she was raped by three UPLB security guards. While both cases took place on different dates, the women reported similar accounts that the three had pointed a knife at them and were then raped. The student added that she was kidnapped and trapped inside a van where they took advantage of her.

UPLB released a statement on their Facebook page explaining that the three men were “not members of the UPLB University Police Force (UPF) or the Community Support Brigade (CSB) whose members are carefully screened by UPLB” and were hired after competitive bidding. However, the students were not pacified and demand that a better hiring process must be implemented to guarantee the safety of the community.

UPLB has been placed in a bad light after the series of rape incidents trailing Given Grace Cebanico’s rape and death in 2011 and has since then implemented a 10 PM curfew on campus. They have also assembled a transportation unit that drops off the passengers at on-campus student dormitories. These vehicles stay in service until 4 AM.

A devastated Dr. Serlie Jamias, UPLB’s Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs, said that those security guards were supposed to be their partners. While UPLB conducts regular drug testing for the members of their police force, she expected that the agency was doing the same with their guards.

She has also stated clearly that the university will not be renewing their contract with Northcom Security Agency.


  1. Mahal naming ,Presidente Rodrigo R. Duterte ituloy mo ang batas na bitay At ibalik mo dapat ngayong Presidente kna dito ‘s Philipinas ! Walang sinomang makapigil ‘s iyo ! Dapat kayo ang masunod ‘s batas wlang iba !!!

  2. ang daming rape cases na nangyayari sa UPLB… to date wala pa napa patay ná rapist/s…

  3. Ala eh – BITAYIN na mga yan ah !!

  4. Calling General Bato. yun oh mga rapist at involved sila sa Shabu.

  5. Buhay pa ba yan. Any hina naman ng mga polis dyan sa UPLB.

  6. Kaya marami sa mga Guard ang ngsaShabu para laging gising dahil pag nahuling tulog sa trabaho,TANGGAL,tulad ng Driver pg nkatulog,Patay,Ok sana basta wag lang mkaperwisyo ng iba,kahit sbhin kelangan kumita pra pmbayad sa Bahay,pnkamahal na kurynte at buwis sa buong Asia,pndagdag na budget sa K12,Smuggled na bigas….ang Shabu lang ang bagsak presyo bukod pa sa Rugby Boys na sakit ng ulo,Bitayin na lang agad kung talagang di mapigilan,maaring matakot o mabawasan ang mga ito kesa dumami….

  7. WAG!Love yn ni d lima, CHR,CBCP!yan ang mga protectors nila!

  8. Bigyan ng paltik na walang bala para makipagbarilan sa pulis at ng natotodas na ang mga hindot na iyan.

  9. They are just guards, not up students or graduates

  10. The are where these crimes were committed urgently needs (1). At. Least 5 to 10 clear CCTs located in strategic locations and (2) a joint POLICE AND BARANGAY PATROL composed of two policemen and two Barangay tanod. They must move arround every 30 minnutes From 6:00 PM TO 4:00 am. Since UP. LOS BANOS is a UNIVERSITY AREA it must be a highly secured are and this is the PRIMARY DUTY OF THE LOCAL GOVT. UNIT. GOD BLESS.

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  16. we need instant justice,these criminals were dumb and dont deserve to live another day. i called it retribution.

  17. Really ? Very cruel n serious, ang parusa bitayin ,,, kawawa anga victim..their wer ruin…

  18. chr .. robredo .. cbcp etc . na against sa drug clean agenda why not shout and cry for their innocent victims ?

  19. Pagkatapos sa mga guardyang Rapist,drug addik na naman .anong kabulastugang gwardiya na naman ang kasunod UP LOS BAÑOS


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