Vote Buying in the Philippines

Vote Buying in the Philippine Elections 2016

A few days left before the national elections on May 9, 2016, there are still several cases of vote-buying has circulated the country.

Candidates have their way of convincing voters to elect them to the position they are running. Vote buying is very rampant in the country, but Comelec has a hard time implementing the rules that they have.

Keep in mind that any candidates were buying votes always have the tendencies to¬†corrupt once they’ve elected to the position they are running. Several big names dragged into vote-buying, but as usual, they also have their creative ways of reasoning when they¬†caught giving out cash to voters.

Now, all candidates are on the verge of doing everything that they could for them to win the hearts of the Filipino people but as a responsible voter, we must choose wisely and not based on the amount of money/goods that they will be handing out.

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